Why You're Probably Struggling To Land That UX/UI Job

September 4, 2019

Who’s finding it really difficult to land that UX/UI role? Trying to get that job can seem like the most daunting, tedious, frustrating, and unfulfilling task you’ve ever done. There are so many things to nail like your portfolio and case study that actually applying and getting a job can seem so far away. I know because I was you. All UX/UI Designers currently working in the field have been you!

This is why I’ve put together three reasons why you’re probably not getting that role. Sometimes the truth can be tough to swallow, but once you know, knowledge is power.

Do any of these things resonate with you? If so leave me a comment. Tell me what has been the most challenging part of trying to get a job in UX?

Are you ready to stop the hamster wheel of trying to figure out why you're not getting that job? Are you ready for clear cut assessments of your work and action items to get you and your work to where it needs to be for interviewing? My 1:1 coaching will have you not only applying with confidence, but landing the jobs you want!  Let’s go into 2019 with the jobs we want!

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