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Are you considering a career in User Experience Design, but have no idea how to get started ? Or maybe you've read articles or done research on YouTube and tried to follow along but are still stuck in the same spot not making any progress. I was there and had all of the same questions you've probably had at one time or another.

That's why I initially created my 1:1 coaching program! My clients are landing roles, completing portfolio’s and becoming more confident and prepared in the UX interview process. However, I noticed that so many of the people who would come to me for help were a little earlier in their journey. They needed the right information when it came to what UX is, who can do it and how. They were looking for someone to help them with developing a body of work to show a potential employer. Many were excited about potentially getting into a new career in UX, but were scared to try something new in fear that they wouldn’t be good enough. That's when I realized, these people were looking for the right training. I know how frustrating and lonely it can be trying to navigate a new space. So let me help you stop doubting yourself, your work, and your ability to land your dream job!

the ux online course

What is “Learn UX Online in 16 Weeks”?


This program was designed by me for self motivated aspiring UX Designers. The program is 16 weeks, and will entail weekly live lessons and assignments with weekly feedback. This program gives you the opportunity to not only gain the skills you need to become a successful UX Designer, but the opportunity to work and communicate weekly with me, a UX/UI Designer currently working in the field. At the completion of the program, you’ll not only walk away with a portfolio built with numerous projects, but be fully prepared to interview for that dream UX role.

Meet My past student: Ije

As a former engineer student, Ije was looking for a way to transition into UX while still maintaining her full time job! After trying to learn UX on her own, Ije was looking for a route with more structure and mentorship. Find out why my UX course was the right fit for Ije and what she's learned along the way!


UX Design Foundations

Let’s start with the basics going back to getting a clean understanding of what User Experience Design is and why we do it. We’ll immerse ourselves in the design thinking process to not only understand how to properly solve problems and get to know your users, but how to bring your ideas to life! During the first week of this course, you’ll begin the first of several projects that will begin to make up your winning portfolio!

Launching into Visual Design

What better way to learn visual design than by a seasoned User Interface and Visual Designer! During this time, we’ll discover what makes a visual design successful and what doesn’t. Put your imposture syndrome to rest by practicing your interface design skills and techniques with numerous exercises and projects.


Here you’ll learn what actually catches the eye of hiring managers. Discover everything from what you actually need in order to be successful landing that UX role. We’ll work together to ensure that your portfolio is application ready, you’re fully prepared to interview, and you'll even get access to my recruiter network! Make your job search easier by already having a list of contacts in your back pocket!

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I know how you feel because I was you

I got tired of playing small. Frustrated and ready for change, I felt stuck in my current graphic design role not knowing what else I could do. Exhausted going from articles, to youtube videos looking for ways to learn UX on my own, I knew I had to seek a more streamlined professional way to gain these skills and ultimately get the outcome I knew was possible.

SO I went for it

Since then I took the leap into UX & never looked back!

After a few years of working as a Graphic Designer, I decided to grab a hold of my career and enrolled into a UX course where I learned the ins and outs of User Experience Design. However, after my course I figured out what it really took to land my first UX role. I learned not only what it meant to present myself through my portfolio, but over phone interviews, in person interviews, etc. I uncovered what it took to get in the door! Because of that, I was able to land two roles at large companies, and you can too!


Since landing my first UX Role I...

Coached aspiring UX Designers to expand and revise projects and portfolios, prepare for interviews and get prepared to land the roles their dream UX roles.

Landed another one that I love at a larger company with more responsibilities.

Built multiple platforms around my expertise that have over 3,000 unique visitors each month.

Mentored elementary and high school STEM students.

Meet My past student: gabe

After many attempts at trying to learn UX on his own but not seeing much of a result, Gabe decided to take Ashley's course to gain structure and guidance! Learn where he thinks he'd be had he not invested in Ashley's UX course.

Are you ready to
Finally have that career you jump out of bed for?
You have the power and potential to Design the life you want.
Also, become that amazing UX designer we both know you can be?
Of Course you are!

this is for you if:

Have no prior experience

You’re spending more time looking for various ways to teach yourself than actually making progress

You’ve researched UX backwards and forwards, are ready to jump in, but don’t know where to start

Want to build a portfolio that gets eye on your work and ultimately a foot in the interviewers door

You’re ready to take the leap, but imposture syndrome is holding you back!

Are currently working a full-time job

You’re coming over from another industry but would still like to transition into UX

I Approach INSTRUCTING in three important ways


I’ve been right where you are and know how frustrating and time consuming it can be trying to land the roles you want. I’m here to help relieve you of the stress you’ve been under and strategize with you to get to where you want to be.


Gone are the days of feeling like you’re on your own applying for your next UX Design job, prepping for interviews or feeling alone in this process. I remember the days of researching other UX Designers on Linkedin trying to understand the path they took to land their opportunities. During this process I will help equip you with the know-how to get out there confidently and go for what you want. YOU too can do this.


Trust me, this process will be fun! So embrace where you are now in your journey and let’s have a ball getting you to where you want to be.


Apply now to get started! If we're a match, I'll be in touch as soon as possible with next steps which includes us jumping on a call to discuss the course further.

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What clients say

It’s a great program where you receive very personal, individual attention/training. I don’t think other boot camps can give you this.

What clients say

" The real way to level up is get personal coaching "

"I believe the real way to level up is get personal coaching… I definitely recommend Ashley if you find yourself in a similar predicament as me, knowing that I wasn’t making true progress on my own. If you want someone to truly help you to gain that confidence in UX that you truly need that will show in interviews, I personally recommend Ashley as your UX coach."


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