PDF Portfolios: What Are They and Why You Need One

May 6, 2020

One thing you might be missing from your UX Interview process is a PDF portfolio. A PDF portfolio is an offline PDF version of selected information from your online portfolio that you will use typically only in interviews to present your work. With your online portfolio, you can provide as much detail and context as you’d like as you have unlimited space to do so. In the case of your PDF portfolio you must structure your slides in a way that throughly explains your processes, what you've learned etc. In a way that your audience (interviewers) can understand and follow along with.

Why do you need this? There are a few reasons why a PDF version of your portfolio is necessary.

  1. Customizable for any company: PDF's allow you to hide/show certain projects that apply/don't apply for Interviews. With this, reordering projects is useful here. They also allow you to tailor projects In a way that caters to a particular company.
  2. Low Risk: It Is also your offline option for Interviewing. Things like tricky wifi, browser compatibility, platform Issues are out of your control during Interviews. You have to consider all possible scenarios.
  3. Confidentiality: Should you have projects where you've signed NDA's, the respective company might be a bit more comfortable with you putting your work In a PDF vs an online portfolio.

Questions about creating an online PDF portfolio? We cover this in great detail in my 16 Week UX Course.

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