Do you have a digital strategy in place that connects your product or service to your core audience in a powerful way? I do. As a noted tech and lifestyle Influencer by both brands and my community, a.k.a. my power community, I have helped to elevate companies to become more visible within their target market. My influence is in my community. While my power community, already knows that they are in good hands; so are my brand partners. I love collaborating with brands because we build a relationship of ease, trust, and powerful ROI.. If you are looking for a creative, personable and compelling approach to tell your brand story, shoot me an email here and lets connect!

Meanwhile, below you can find out about some really cool work I've done with brands within the last year!


Loopy cases

Peel encompasses two things I love: minimalism and technology. From the sketch books to wireless chargers, collaborating with a company like Peel was so easy because I use the products daily. I was able to showcase how I use these products on a daily basis as they fit right into my routine and my audience felt that. Handy enough to pull out anywhere, and sleek enough to go along with the rest of my accessories.

Find my Instagram posts on Peel below!

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Upright trainer

After struggling with back pain from slouching over a computer and phone all day, partnering with Upright Trainer couldn't have come at a better time. After a few weeks, the trainer has gotten me to really break out of the habit of wanting to slouch and I was able to share that with my audience.

I also had several direct messages from people wanting to know specific information like how long it took to break the habit, if I thought the device was worth purchasing, and about the ease of the app. All questions I was able to answer and share my personal experiences with my audience.

Find my Instagram post on UPRIGHT TRAINER here!

One of the most convenient products I’ve ever owned is my Loopy Case. I was never a fan of pop sockets so I was interested to try something that didn’t force my hand to consistently be in one position. I used my photos to show off the ease of use and the relaxation one is able to have while using this case. It also became a staple of mine, showing up in many of my photo’s which has led to many compliments and questions from my audience on where they can find one!

Find my Instagram post on LoopyCases here!


Just like my accessories, I like my apparel and shoes to take a more minimal approach. The TKEES brand embodies just that and it was so fun to show off my take on it. TKEES models are usually featured on solid color backgrounds to keep the focus on the shoe, however I wanted to get creative with how minimalism could also work.

I decided to add pops of color from street art to go for a colorful minimalistic approach to relate more to my millennial audience. I pushed myself and my brand by thinking outside the box with this collaboration and am better for it.

Find my Instagram post on TKEES below and my blog post here!

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Chic geeks

With my audience consisting of millennials who are constantly on the go with their devices, entrepreneurs, and people in tech, I had been looking for a protective case brand to share. Chic Geeks was the perfect fit for what I was looking to expose my audience to as their designs are classy and fun which aligns well with my brand! I received a great response from my audience on these case as people also inquired about other designs.

Find my Instagram post on Chic Geeks here!