How to Stay Motivated During the Creative Process

July 16, 2018

Who else gets stuck during their creative process? It’s a feeling that can be frustrating especially when things need to get done but you’re the only one who can make that happen. I’ve gathered three ways that I help myself out of this rut! 

  1. Put the phone down! It can be hard, but putting your phone on “do not disturb” or my favorite, face down helps! The urge to check out texts, social media, emails, etc. alone can make completing any task difficult but try this and let me know how it works. 

2. Headphones in! Podcasts are a good way to stay productive. Finding long podcasts are helpful in that you’re not constantly switching between songs you like and don’t like. Productivity podcasts like business, entrepreneurship, and  finance also help keep your mind focused. 

3. Get out of your workspace! Removing yourself from your work environment can help to reset your mind. Take a walk, work remotely if you can at a coffee shop or outdoor space with WiFi. You’ll be surprised how creating and working in a different environment can help when you’re feeling stuck. 

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