Cheers to the End of a UX Sprint!

June 3, 2018
This week has a been a long one!

To say I've been overwhelmed for the past week trying to get all of my designs in before the end of this sprint is an understatement. I'll be honest, this deadline really snuck up on me. Working to get both desktop and mobile designs in before the deadline has also called for some late nights and early mornings. However, like any other time I'm feeling overwhelmed, I just remember, "It's gonna get done...". With that, some of my favorite podcasts helped me get through it keeping me laughing to keep from crying at times. What are some of your favorite things to listen to that keep you productive? I've listed a few of mine below!

For now, you can find me at City Winery in Chicago with a few glasses of wine!


A few of my favorite podcasts: 

The Read"

"The Pop Life"

"The Brilliant Idiots"

No items found.