About the Design Challenge!

What is it?
The UXmas design challenge is a fun way to create projects solo, with a partner, or group. There will be twelve challenges to choose from which will be made available on Wednesday December 12, 2018.
Do I have to be a UX/Product Designer to participate?
No. Everyone who is interested in the design challenge is welcome to participate. However, if you're not familiar with UX design we recommend partnering up with a UX/Product Designer!
If I want to partner up, how can I find one?
If you're looking for a partner, check out the UXmas Design Challenge Twitter account at @uxmasdc. We are encouraging people looking for partners to find people in the comments of our tweets. Another way is to search our hashtag #uxmasdc18 to see if anyone else is looking to pair up.
Are there resources you'd suggest to help me?
Yes, here's a UX design challenge guide.
How can I show off my work?
We encourage everyone to document their processes on Medium and send the link to "uxdchallenge@gmail.com" by December 24, 2018. If you finish after the 24th, please send your link over and we will add it in. We will compile all of the challenges and link them from our UXmas Design Challenge Medium page. We've also created an optional template to assist you in creating your final project for submission.
What's in it for me?
Upon completion of the challenge, you will have a well documented UX process and project to use however you'd like. This will be great for portfolio pieces, something to iterate on down the road, and we're sure you'll have a good time doing it! Don't forget to share your links on social media, especially Twitter. Tag us, and use the hashtag #uxmasdc18. This is also a great way to grow your network as we expect this challenge to take over social media!

The Briefs!

1st Day of UXmas

2nd Day of UXmas

3rd Day of UXmas

4th Day of UXmas

5th Day of UXmas

6th Day of UXmas

7th Day of UXmas

8th Day of UXmas

9th Day of UXmas

10th Day of UXmas

11th Day of UXmas

12th Day of UXmas